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The School of UnLearning: Skin

Soap is wrecking our skin. So why do we use it everyday?

It's time to quit soap and defoam your biome.

When you think of people who don't use soap we know what you're imagining. Burning Man, 'barefoot is not illegal' tees, the scent of pits and patchouli. Look, we get it, but hear us out.

When we wash our bodies with soap every day, we also wash away its first line of defense: our skin microbiome. Your microbiome is the living ecosystem in and on your body, made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbiota. Take a deep breath now - being covered in all kinds of bacteria and whatnot is actually normal. Healthy, even. Your microbiome's been with you all your life, working closely with your body's immune response, regulating your digestion, mood, and even your development.

For eons, humans washed their skin with oils, clay, and other plant-based ingredients like aloe vera. While soap's been around for a few thousand years, those lye-heavy 'cakes' were used to clean clothing and the household - not the skin. Then dawned the Industrial Age and with it, mass manufacturing and a new age of marketing. Needing to create demand to buy supply, soap manufacturers ran aggressive marketing campaigns claiming soap was the 'civilized' way to be clean and attractive. As daily soap baths became more common, so did rates of inflammatory skin diseases like eczema, rosacea, and acne steadily rise.

Here's the facts: soap is really good at killing bacteria. That's why it's so helpful in stopping the spread of disease. AND, using it daily on our bodies damages our skin's delicate ecosystem. So, what does that leave us with? Oh, you know, just all those time-tested ingredients we mentioned earlier. You know, the ones humans used for eons to great effect?

Ever had dry, flaky skin? Or, oiliness and painful pimples?

Those are all symptoms of a disrupted microbiome. When soap strips away your skin's essential moisture and microbiome, your body has to work overtime to heal and protect itself as usual. Sometimes it ends up overcompensating. Sometimes it comes up short. Either way, the results look a lot like the things we were trying to avoid in the first place.

Your skin is smart and, when given the chance, is capable of healing and maintaining itself. But, modern skincare products are obsessed with trying to outsmart your skin instead of working with it. Thankfully, you can bust breakouts and banish B.O. without it.

Of course, don't just take our word for it. Our formulas have been certified Microbiome-Friendly by MyMicrobiome, an independent lab committed to furthering transparency and accountability in personal care. Not to mention thousands of CRUDE customers with happy skin and thriving flora.

Defoam Your Biome with the world's first truly soap-free shower gel Wash and our best-selling facial oil Cleanse. Using flora-friendly ingredients like sunflower oil, aloe vera, and bergamot oil, CRUDE gets you seriously clean without doing your microbiome dirty. Try it out for yourself and let love wash over.

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