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The skincare of the future is that of your ancestors.


We’re on the cutting edge of clean. Rather than sudsing soaps and synthetic detergents, we use simple, plant-based ingredients like sunflower oil and aloe vera to cleanse the skin gently without disrupting its delicate ecosystems, aka your microbiome. Home to the world’s first certified Microbiome-Friendly body wash, CRUDE works with your skin’s natural processes, instead of trying to outsmart them.

Squeaky is Freaky

Modern soap and detergent-based cleansers strip your body of its natural goodness, like your healthy (and helpful) microbiome and all those glorious natural oils that act as your body’s protective shield. Ditch the suds and let your flora thrive.

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Peels Schmeels

Harsh exfoliants and peels inflame the skin, often making inflammatory conditions like acne or eczema worse.  Besides, your skin exfoliates itself — through a process called desquamation. You actually don’t need to do much to help that process along, and the chronic inflammation associated with regular exfoliation can wreak havoc on your skin long-term. 

Instead, try Detox, our clay-based miracle mask that gently draws up gunk and dead skin without scrubbing or peeling.

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Skincare for Everyone

CRUDE works on all skin types and our products were formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients known to be safe for the entire family, baby included.

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Beyond Recyclable

At CRUDE we think the best way to reduce waste is to simply create less waste. We’ve kept our line intentionally small knowing our multi-use products (our cleansers act as moisturizers) mean less waste in our landfills and oceans.

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Flora Focused

Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics — are they all really necessary? At CRUDE we believe the most foundational way to promote the skin’s health is to ditch the soap and detergent-based cleansers, and let your flora thrive.

Soap demolishes most of the bacteria and fungi it encounters, making it a powerful tool for preventing the spread of infectious disease. Regular, thorough hand-washing is important (the whole 20 seconds!), but daily, head-to-toe soap use strips the skin of its protective moisture barrier and essential skin-healing flora, leaving you susceptible to chronic inflammatory diseases like acne and eczema. 

Our suds-free cleansers were tested by MyMicrobiome, an independent, third-party lab setting a new standard in skincare with the world’s first seal for flora-friendliness. After measuring our cleansers’ microbial quality and their impact on the skin’s microbiome, the results are in: Wash and Cleanse keep you and your baby clean without disrupting the skin’s healthy, helpful bacteria. Move over soap and detergent, the future of skincare has arrived.

No Soap.
No Detergents.
No Sulfates.
No Parabens.
No Artificial Colors.
No Artificial Fragrances.
No Synthetic Chemicals.
No Harsh Exfoliants.
100% Certified Organic.

The Dirt on Soap

The daily soap bath was popularized through shame-fueled marketing tactics in the early 1900's. Companies used magazines and 'soap operas' to advertise to American women, convincing them their 'B.O.' was preventing them from getting a man. Before that (like the hundreds of thousands of years before that) humans relied primarily on water and natural ingredients like clay and oils to cleanse our bodies.