Why Use Our Skin and Personal Care Products?


Your skin is smart. It knows how to heal and regenerate itself, and we think the best thing you can do to help it is to get out of the way. CRUDE takes a hands-off approach to skincare, giving nature’s healing systems the credit they deserve. Inspired by ancient cleansing techniques, our entire line of plant-based products is completely free of soap, detergent, synthetic chemicals, and harsh exfoliantsformulated with simple, botanical ingredients to “leave no trace” on the skin and its delicate ecosystems.




We’re over-cleansing our skin. Soap and detergent-based cleansers strip the skin of it’s natural protective oils, destroy it’s healthy, helpful bacteria, and contribute to chronic inflammation — making it harder for the skin to heal and defend itself.  This promotes premature aging and inflammatory skin diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea — which are now some of the fastest growing medical conditions in the United States. Sudsing cleansers have only been the norm in human hygiene for the last century — before the industrial revolution, humans cleansed primarily with natural ingredients like water, oil, and clay. We think they had the right idea.  



Your skincare products should work with your skin’s natural regenerative systems, not against them, and that’s where we come in —with a skin-loving solution that works. Developed in our founder’s kitchen, our plant-based products have helped thousands of customers around the world heal their acne, rosacea, eczema, and even bacterial vaginosis since we launched. CRUDE is for everyone — all skin types, ages, and genders — and is even safe for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers and babies. Each of our products has multiple uses (our cleansers double as moisturizers), making skincare simple, functional, and affordable — like it should be. 


Meet the founder.
A Master Esthetician of 10+ years, Denise developed CRUDE in her kitchen after recognizing the problematic effects of our aggressive modern skincare regimens. After an experiment with oil-cleansing cleared her chronic acne breakouts, as well as several of her friends’ and clients’, Denise left the high-end spa she was working at to start offering oil-cleansing facials out of her apartment. Word spread quickly, and in six months she helped more people heal their acne using oil and clay than she had in six years using the most “cutting edge” products and facial treatments. This got her questioning the foundations of our modern skincare protocols, and her obsessive research and experimentation led to CRUDE, which has now helped thousands of people around the world heal their skin naturally. Denise is passionate about using the wisdom of nature to help heal our bodies.