"Okay guys, this is super embarrassing to share, but I HAVE to show you what CRUDE Personal Care did for my skin after JUST 4 months. I have never had acne before, but this time last year, my skin went insane. It lend to major insecurities, super dry and inflamed skin due to antibiotics (pills and creams) I couldn't even put and moisturizer on my skin because it stung SO bad. I was miserable. Michelle introduced crude to me when I was over at her place and she saw how painful it looked and how it was reminiscing my confidence. I've never gone to any other skincare since. CRUDE IS FOR REAL GUYS!!!!!! My skin always feels amazing, not too dry or oily, and makes my skin feel the cleanest it's very felt."

— Liz (seen above)

"It’s been six days. Six days. I’ve cried every day for six months because I turned 30 and my skin surprised me. I’ve never had to moisturize. I’ve never had a skin care ritual. I’ve used body wash, hand soap, whatever to waste my face. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in a month.”

— Shannon


“My acne prone skin is my hands down biggest insecurity. I literally cry in the mirror and don’t look people in the eye when it gets really bad. I am a teacher and my skin gets looked at by over 100 students a day. It breaks my heart when I overhear my kids saying how “embarrassed they are for me.” I didn’t struggle with acne until college. Since then, I’ve seen multiple doctors and dermatologists that have prescribed every acne treatment under the sun (minocycline, doxycycline, spironolact, clindamycin gel, benzoyl peroxide gel, aczone gel, tretinoin cream, etc). Every single treatment has only irritated my skin even more! The doctors hold onto the statements of “it gets worse before it gets better” and “give it time.” Well I’ve given doctors 4 years of my time, and things have never even started to resemble “better.” After 4 months with CRUDE, I stare in the mirror and don’t feel like crying anymore. I’m hopeful that this incredible system will continue to heal my skin and give it a rest from all the fighting that it’s been through. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I. LOVE. CRUDE.”

— Taylor


“I bought the CRUDE Starter Kit and immediately started noticing a difference in the tone of my skin. Not only did my scars start to get less red, my skin started looking healthier. Itʼs a little over a month later, and Iʼve gone from breakouts of five to six horribly sore and inflamed pimples to one zit on my chin (hormones, curses) and nothing else. This is a real honest-to-goodness solution, rather than a temporary quick fix, to skin problems. The products who promise to give you perfect skin in a week (or less!) donʼt solve, they band-aid. This stuff solves”

— Hilary


“I just HAVE to send you a email to say thank you, thank you!! I’ve been using CRUDE for 5 months now and decided to take a picture tonight to see results, I AM BLOWN AWAY! I started getting cystic, red, and texturized acne even dermatologist creams couldn’t fix! It got so bad I couldn’t even go to the gym without makeup on, and now I’m livin' CRUDE and will never look back!!! Thank you for this amazing product! I recommend it to EVERYONE. This product is a game changer!”

— Lexi


“I would like to thank you for this amazing product! I purchased it back in May and have been using it for 2 months and it has cleared my acne. I’ve tried so many things including a facial peel which hurt like crazy. This product is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for inventing this you are truly a life saver.”

— Erika


“I just needed to personally thank you for making this INCREDIBLE product!! I never struggled with acne throughout high school now in my mid 20s it has decided to overtake my face. This previous year I was in a spa getting chemical peels every 3 weeks trying to clear up my skin. It would work for a time but was never a permanent fix! I have tried every medication possible and every product promising to reduce acne. I came across your webpage on Instagram and decided to give it a try and to photograph my results. I was absolutely amazed after one week of the change it made in my face. For the first time in a while I felt beautiful in my own skin and comfortable to be seen in public without makeup or acne covering my face! Your product does so much more than just treat and heal skin it gives those that use it confidence again and the feeling of beauty. I can’t thank you enough for your product and what it has given me!
I’ve just started the bloom treatment to help rid the scarring that I’ve developed from acne marks and can’t wait to see the results! Again thank you so much for making me feel beautiful in my own skin!”

— Crystal