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Calling ALL Estheticians!

We’ve got a cleaner way to get clearer skin for your clients…

...and we’re seeking seasoned skincare specialists to join our program! Whether you’re an independent esthetician or the owner of a spa/salon who’s hoping to incorporate Microbiome-Friendly skincare into your offerings, CRUDE has precisely what you need.

CRUDE skincare was developed by Master Esthetician Denise Cartwright, who struggled (as so many of us do) with chronically dry, patchy, acneic, and inflamed skin, despite using high-end, spa-grade treatments and products. In 2014, Denise started to experiment with the oil-cleansing method—with a little time and a few tweaks, she ultimately developed a routine that has kept her skin (and that of countless others) clear, healthy, and radiant.

Products that work with nature to protect your skin’s microbiome are the future of skincare, period. And the truth of it is, CRUDE is leading the way. We believe in the healing and transformative power of getting reconnected with nature (and our products are the proof). It’s time we all say “nope” to soap and start working with skincare that protects the health of our skin’s natural ecosystem. Think of it this way: the daily ritual of taking care of our bodies is an act of love—the more we learn to love our bodies and ourselves, the more we can have a positive impact on the people and communities around us. Good stuff always comes around.


  • Minimum order of only $250
  • Large inventory not necessary
  • Lifetime discount code of 20% off for clients
  • Cash commission payouts (10%) for purchases made using your link/code
  • Education from a skin microbiome expert
  • Exclusive Flora-Friendly Facial Method

So, why Flora-Friendly Facials?

Plenty of reasons! But to start, Flora-Friendly Facials are 100% plant-based, non-invasive, and just 50-minutes. Translation? Low tech, high effect.

Part I: Intervention

Start with an analysis of your client’s skin and recommend a personalized facial and care plan. Educate them on how to best support the skin’s health and inform them of the latest in microbiomic skincare. Enable clients to leave the consultation feeling empowered and motivated to let their flora thrive.

Part II: Rehabilitation

The CRUDE facial method deeply cleanses and nourishes without stripping natural moisture from the skin or disrupting its ecosystems, with each ingredient formulated to promote balance and return the skin microbiome to its optimal state: homeostasis. And the best part? It’s nurturing, non-invasive, and beneficial for all skin types. Everyone wins.

Let’s talk shop…

If you’d like the opportunity to introduce Microbiome-Friendly skincare to your customers and clients, and you want to be one of the first to offer Flora-Friendly Facials, we’re here for it and ready to help! Just click the link below and fill out our application form.