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Revolutionary body WASH!

"I love this product, but if its new to you, let me tell you why i'm head over heels for this revolutionary body wash. Detergents help keep our lives squeaky clean, but in the process they strip vital moisture, and kill necessary good bacteria that helps us maintain a healthy microbiome. WASH is the very first detergent-free wash, that cleans your body naturally, without harsh chemicals. It frees you from the cycle of stripping your skin, slathering on moisture to compensate. It has saved my son's eczema riddled legs, and improved the health of my vagina! (i'm serious. Get soap out of your lady business.) Being a doula, its also become my go-to gift for clients/new parents, because all that good bacteria is SO vital to newborns. It's the beauty/health product everyone needs. Go grab yourself one, and snag an extra one for someone you love." - Jillian C.