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My 'system' was over-processing my skin

"So much of what we use is overly drying, simplifying my routine with gentle products, such as CRUDE, has given me clearer skin than prescriptions and expensive beauty brands. I think having a routine that doesn’t strip your skin makes all the difference. I worked in Beauty for years and thought I had all the good products and knew what was good to keep my breakouts at bay- however my skin would swing from small bumps all over and cystic acne to dry and flaking off when I tried to treat it. My ‘system’ was over-processing my skin. My mom sent me a CRUDE STARTER-KIT about 6 months ago and I was skeptical but within a week I was throwing out some of my other products. My skin is softer and more radiant and I can’t use anything else to cleanse without my skin reverting to its old ways. I tell everybody with similar struggles about it.I love the smell of WASH and it’s my favorite thing to use on my bits and pits as it feels clean. I bought it for my husband because he has eczema but he’s too weirded out by the lack of lather to give it a try. The CLEANSE is the best every day thing that I have done for my acneic skin. It helps keep my skin on a ‘normal’ path." -Mietra A.