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I love all the CRUDE products

"I love all of the Crude products (and yes, I use them ALL), but WASH is probably my favorite. After switching to a suds free shampoo, I wondered why I was still using suds on my skin! I had read that using soap on your body isn’t even necessary, but I wasn’t quite ready to use ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the shower. WASH is that wonderful happy medium. It’s taught me that less is more when it comes to cleaning your body. I just use it on my “pits and bits” as recommended, and just use plain water and a PULL cloth on the rest of me. I never realized how much soap dried out my skin until I stopped using it. My skin has never felt so soft and smooth, not to mention I’ve gone through an entire winter without having to slather my body in lotion! Just stopping using soap took care of that! 

I also love WAS because it smells SOOOO GOOD. It has such a wonderful scent that makes you feel so clean and fresh. Everything in it is organic and natural too, so I feel even better about using it. Also, since you only need just 2-3 pumps of it per shower, it lasts a long time too. 

I can’t say enough about WASH except that now that I’ve been using it for a little over 4 months, you couldn’t PAY ME to go back to soap! Now I swear by it!" -Danielle