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"The skin is your largest organ, so using CRUDE is the best thing I have ever done for it. I have adult acne and some rosacea. With just using DETOX and CLEANSE I saw such a big difference. I have a more even skin tone, and less pimples. BEST STUFF EVER! I have been using CRUDE for more than two years. I started with just using BLOOM as a moisturizer it was better than anything I had ever used before. So I decided to get the STARTER-KIT it has changed my life. After using it for a month my skin had a more even tone, and my acne was practically gone. I used to use a lot of makeup, but now after using it for so long I don't wear much anymore. I am so in love with WASH! As a larger woman I have what is known as "chub rub" WASH has made that not be such a large problem." -Rachael C.