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A bit of a learning curve but worth it!

"Look at pictures of my skin 5 years ago and look at it now. The pictures would speak for themselves. My skin is clean and bright and beautiful. I would NEVER have used those words to describe my skin growing up or in my early 20s until I started using CRUDE. This is a miracle product. I have tried every skin care line under the sun. I’ve been to multiple dermatologists and nothing they have ever prescribed me has worked and cleansed as well as CRUDE. My skin has always been my worst enemy. I’ve been so self conscious all my life because of ugly skin. CLEANSE and BLOOM have changed my skin entirely. My acne is gone and my face is glowing. I have tried dozens of acne products and none have worked like CRUDE has. It not only cleanses but hydrated and moisturizes at the same time. Instead of having a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and topical cream, I now just have CLEANSE that does it all! I also love BLOOM, especially in the dryer months. It hydrated my skin without making it look and feel oily. CRUDE has give me my confidence back. I have clear, clean, glowing skin. I don’t have to worry about putting loads of makeup on to cover up my skin. Now I want to show it off! CRUDE truly has changed my life. I have also tried WASH and really like it! It has taken some getting used to because I’ve always used a soap that “suds up” and WASH doesn’t do that. I really like it and will continue to use it. Just a bit of a learning curve to understand I am still being cleaned even if there are no suds." -Claire P.