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The School of UnLearning: Wellness

Introducing Amber Tamm

Amber Tamm is ready to share her bounty

We’re thrilled to introduce Amber Tamm, the newest contributor to the School of UnLearning!

Amber Tamm is a “Brooklyn girl anointed by momma earth” and a resounding voice in the world of food sovereignty, urban farming, and horticulture. Amber has made it her practice to share her deeply personal relationship to land, trauma, and healing — bringing awareness to the barriers that Black, Indigenous, and other farmers of color face while actively working to create new spaces that are centered in the liberation of BIPoC and their radical healing.

How She’s Letting Her Nature Thrive

"You know, I’m going to keep it 100 and let y’all know this is a real struggle for me. I really thrive off of working with people and plants, but it’s a tricky balance in doing this work and not burning out. Self care is not something I’m good YET…I’m working on it.

My most consistent form of self care has been just being outside. I spend a lot of time outside just sitting with momma earth, seeing myself reflected in all her sounds, beauties, colors and textures. It’s a form of co-regulation, my favorite kind of regulation.

Recently I’ve been falling back in love with expressing myself visually on paper or keeping my hands busy with beading, sewing or knitting works. I’ve also been doing these ‘floral freestyles,’ which has felt so great to express myself in that way."

Read. Look. Listen.

"I don’t really watch TV or media very much but here is my favorite playlist that is literally keeping me alive. I’m big into reggae music. Reggae is heartbeat, it’s the music of the land, music in full solidarity with earth healing & food sovereignty."

What she's reading these days:

As a farm worker, horticulturalist, and floral designer Amber has exceptional insight into the world of farming, food sovereignty and much, much more. Recently featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Transforming the Food Industry,’ Amber leads a busy life as a celebrated floral designer, farm worker, urban farmer, and community organizer all across the US. 

Stay tuned for her upcoming posts!

You can find her on Instagram @ambertamm.

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