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The School of UnLearning: Skin

Now in Salt Lake City: The CRUDE Facial

Unf*ck your facial

Get in on the ultimate CRUDE experience with a 60 minute facial and consultation with our Founder, Denise Cartwright. Book your appointment here.

Low tech.

High effect.

A Master Esthetician of 16+ years, Denise developed CRUDE in in 2014 after an experiment with oil-cleansing cleared her own acne breakouts. After six months of offering her technique to her clients, she had helped more people heal their acne than she had in six years using the industry’s most cutting-edge products and treatments.

This incredible discovery got her questioning the foundations of our modern skincare protocols, and her research and experimentation led her to create CRUDE.

Today, Denise and CRUDE have helped thousands of people across the world heal their acne and inflammatory conditions by supporting the skin’s natural functions instead of trying to outsmart them. Upgrade your routine and start living with the new way to clean.


Denise will analyze your skin and recommend a personalized facial and care plan. Learn how to best support your skin’s health and hear the latest in microbiomic skincare from one of its own pioneers. Walk away ready to let your flora thrive.


All skin types can enjoy this nurturing, non-invasive facial. Exclusively using plant-based ingredients, CRUDE facials are formulated to gently cleanse, moisturize, and nourish the skin without stripping its natural moisture or disrupting its ecosystems.

Alongside aromatherapy and facial massage, your unique, refreshing facial offers:
  • A deep cleanse
  • Improved texture
  • Softer skin & facial hair
  • Non-inflammatory exfoliation
  • Soothed dryness & irritation
  • Relief from inflammation & redness

PLUS: Earn Rewards Points for your facial and save 20% on CRUDE products when you make a purchase at in-store.

60 minute facial and consultation $125. Book now and pay at the time of your appointment. We require 24 hours cancellation notice for a full refund.

Flora-Friendly Facials by CRUDE

824 S. 400 W., #B139, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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