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Started working on day one

"Completely changed my skin. For the first time I actually LIKE my skin. I wish I had a closeup before picture to compare, but I went from oily/dry, blemished, bumpy skin at 34 to a perfectly smooth, glowy complexion in months. I didn't have horrible acne, but I definitely had problematic skin and was feeling frustrated as I entered my mid 30s with zits and wrinkles. I felt like I couldn't treat wrinkles until I'd tackled the acne issue, so I felt pretty defeated. Within one day of using CRUDE I started clearing up. After a month I just had 2-3 pimples at a time. I seemed to plateau at 4 months, but then by 6 months I was completely clear and glowing. Now, save for a hormonal pimple here and there, I can barely find a clogged pore if I'm right up close to the mirror. I am a forever CRUDE user now." -Abigail S.