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soothes the itch

"I love CRUDE. My skin feels healthier, softer and more clear than it ever has before. I love that each product can work for multiple purposes, such as CLEANSE being a facial wash and moisturizer, so that I’m able to have less products cluttering my cabinets. I actually look forward to washing my face now because it feels so good and pampered! I do feel like my skin has fewer breakouts and feels healthy and soft. My skin tone seems more even and less red. I suffered from cystic acne and Whitehead’s. I get maybe one cystic, painful acne every other month now, and what acne I do have seems to clear much faster than they ever did before using the CRUDE products. I haven’t noticed CRUDE having any effect on my Dermatitis or eczema, other than feeling like it soothes the itch. I love the smell and feel of WASH, and actually really like using it as a moisturizer for my legs after showering." -Savannah H.