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skin is no longer dull - it glows

"CRUDE has changed my skin for the better in every way. My skin is no longer dull - it GLOWs! I have PCOS and acne has been a recurring problem for years. BLOOM has helped clear up my acne without being harsh on my skin. It's also perfect for my sensitive skin. I was skeptical about using oil cleansers as well as oils to moisturize my skin, but I don't feel like I can go back to other products now that I've seen what CRUDE has done. I'm currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and I've been using BLOOM on my growing belly and it keeps the skin so soft and I haven't felt itchy or seen stretch marks appear. the GLOW and CLEANSE products are so great as well and I can't finish my day until I've used both. DETOX has been a great way to get impurities out of my skin and I use it about two times a week. And WASH ! Amazing! I have gifted WASH to some of my coworkers and they're now obsessed. I'm a massive fan of CRUDE." -Coryn W.