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No more skin tantrums

"For so many years, I've been attacking my skin with harsh products and chemicals that I've hoped would perfect my flaws (but rarely actually did). With CRUDE, I'm finally nourishing my skin and allowing it to heal. I've never felt more confident, grateful, and comfortable in my own skin! My skin used to be pretty temperamental--dry in some spots, oily in others, and red everywhere. But now it has evened out and calmed down significantly! It's less sensitive and less likely to throw a lil skin tantrum. I LOVE DETOX for my acne! I can almost feel my pores unclogging every time I use it. And my old cleansers used to irritate my acne (although they always claimed that they were clearing it up) CLEANSE does a really good job of keeping my skin un-inflamed and healthy so it can heal acne on its own. These same products help a lot with my red skin. As a ginger, my skin will always have a bit of a reddish hue, but using these products, that redness is never a result of irritation (like it used to be)." -Allyson H.