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No more discoloration

"I have always struggled with discoloration and hormonal acne. I’ve spent tons if money I’m trying new things and nothing ever worked until CRUDE! My sister in law told me about it and it has totally changed my life! I’ve had acne since i was about 17 and have always been so self conscious! I was always so embarrassed in pictures and going without make up when i would work out. I get eczema spots randomly in the winter and it takes care of those no problem! No more acne and i will dare go without make up because my color has all balanced out! And i love love the way it makes my skin feel! ITS SILKY SMOOTH. I will never not buy CRUDE! Wish i had enough oil to use on my whole body! I was always envious of my friends with the soft, glowing, clear skin and now i feel like i can be one of them! I LOVE everything about this magic stuff <3" -Cassidi B.