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No fragrances or chemicals

"CRUDE has made such a difference with my skin. I love finding a solution that is natural and chemical-free! My dermatitis is caused by irritants. Fragrances and chemicals are the biggest irritants for me. With CRUDE, I no longer feel the itchiness or soreness starting after I use it like with most other cleansers and moisturizers that I tried. My eczema is much worse in the winter. Steroid creams used to be the only thing that helped as far as I knew. I would get asked why my skin was peeling in the winter it was so bad. Nothing helped. I eventually tried to lessen the dryness without irritating my skin, because I thought it being under control was too much to ask. With CRUDE, I don’t worry about my dryness or my sensitive skin anymore! Now my flare-ups are rare and BLOOM is the only thing I use." -Amy H.