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My skin is no longer sensitive

"CRUDE has forever changed my life and how I treat my skin. My skin has never looked better, I’m confident, even when I’m makeup free!! I now know I’ve always been at war with my skin because what I’ve done to do, the endless products I’ve applied and the makeup that made me break out on a daily basis. For my face it took a few weeks for my skin to “purge” and after it had rid itself of those toxins I was on the road to clear skin. As for eczema I just used BLOOM for the affected areas and it cleared right up. I've used CRUDE now over 2 years and it’s a community I stand by and support. I’ve struggled with “sensitive” skin my entire life. After I discovered CRUDE, I learned my skin is sensitive because all the crap I was putting on it and stripping it with. I literally threw everything in the trash (face washes and makeup) and started fresh. My skin is no longer sensitive, but healthy and glowing. CRUDE is my hero, it changed the way I treated my skin and now I’m rocking the clear skin. How can you thank a company ( more like a community) for changing your life because you have done that for me." -Alisa R.