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My outlook has shifted

"Everyone who knows me well, knows that I used to never leave my house without makeup on. I took a makeup class so that i could do my makeup better and was actually introduced to CRUDE through the class. Much to my surprise, because of that, I tried CRUDE and my entire outlook has shifted. Instead of wearing makeup everyday, I only apply it on weekends and special events. I go most places with only mascara on because CRUDE has changed how I feel about my skin. It looks more youthful and healthy, and though my skin isn't perfect, it is a heck of a lot better than it was and I feel more confident in my own skin. Makeup is more of a hobby now, instead of a necessity. I used to get once a month hormonal pimples but since I started using CRUDE (and cut out dairy), I don't get them anymore." -Arlena H.