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love the consistent formulation

"Usually when I find a skincare routine that works, somewhere down the line my skin all of a sudden gets immune to it or changes the way it responds to the product. I would suddenly break out after months of success with a skincare routine, probably due to a change in the formulation. I've been using CRUDE for 4 years now, and I love that the formulation has been consistent! I check the label every time I receive a new delivery, and it's still the same oils from when I first tried CRUDE. It nourishes my skin so well, and I love that it still smells amazing! Since using CRUDE, I rarely break out anymore. Except of course when it's that time of the month, but I feel that CLEANSE does everything I need it to do without any chemicals or irritants. I can remove makeup without worrying if I got it all off! And my skin truly feels softer! I have yet to try WASH , but I hope to try it soon on my dry skin!" -Cathy C.