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"I've fallen in love with my mid-life skin thanks to CRUDE"

"I've fallen in love with my mid-life skin thanks to CRUDE. I've also simplified my shower and face routine. I even walk around sans makeup on occasion thanks to the confidence of great, balanced skin. My face is consistently clear and radiant. Prior to using CRUDE I was in a never ending battle of hydrating the dry skin and stripping the oil from the oily portions of my face. My skin is so balanced now, thanks to CRUDE. My adult acne has completely gone away since starting on the CLEANSE and other face oils about 6 months ago. I will still get the rare pop up pimple, but I leave it alone and it will go away within a day. I also enjoy WASH, especially while on trips. The hotel soap and products are so drying. I like to use WASH for shaving." -Paula F.