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I'm a believer

"Do you want healthy, cleaner, skin while ditching the harsh chemicals and detergents that plague the market? TRY CRUDE! This oil cleansing method is a true life saver for all skin types. I’ve been using the PULL cloths, Cleanse and BLOOM for a year and a half and I’ll never go back to anything but high quality oil cleansing. I regularly get compliments on my skin and folks notice how much my skin has cleared up since adding CRUDE to my daily hygiene routine. I’m a believer! CRUDE has helped rid me of cystic acne. I’m an athlete with oily skin, a bad combination. I was regularly plagued by large painful cystic acne. Since using CRUDE, my skin has “calmed down”, is noticeably less irritated and I rarely get cystic acne. I now only mildly break out during my pre menstrual cycle, but even this is SIGNIFICANTLY less than before using oil cleansing. I love the way it smells, the way my skin feels and looks!" -Lauryn