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I was seriously surprised'

"I really didn’t think it would do much, my skin is very finicky and I was worried about using oil on my problem skin. But I was seriously surprised! and I’ve even been using it as a moisturizer! I’ve put my skin through just about everything to try and rid my acne and scarring. But it was worth the wait and the price is affordable for the results I got. This winter was my true test as my skin gets so dry and coarse that it feels like nothing can moisturize it deep enough. But even just using the CLEANSE oil it’s been enough to make my skin as soft and supple as it is in the summer time. Seriously love this stuff! And not to mention my scarring from acne is slowly disappearing too! My adult acne has almost completely disappeared. Other that the occasional blackheads that appear, the DETOX usually takes care of those. Seriously a holy grail product for me. I’ve been telling everyone who asks about the transformation in my skin about CRUDE. It’s really been a game changer. And my skin hasn’t rebelled against me thus far, so I think I’ll be using this product for as long as it’s around" -Dana F.