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I so appreciate the affordability of CRUDE!

"My skin has never looked and felt so good! I struggled with acne in my teens, and have been on Accutane. In my mid to late 20s my acne returned, including cystic acne. It is so defeating to struggle with acne when you try all of the remedies and lead a healthy lifestyle. Then a couple of years ago, I saw Michelle Money’s post about CRUDE. I’m so glad I follow people from the Bachelor/Bachelorette, or I probably would not have been introduced to CRUDE! Since learning about CRUDE, I have totally changed my mindset about skin care! Having smooth clear skin is a major game changer! Being a teacher, I so appreciate the affordability of CRUDE! For once my skin is clear and cystic acne rarely returns anymore. My skin feels healed from the inside out! My pores are smaller, and my skin is brighter. I love the way my skin feels so moisturized!. I also love the WASH. It leaves your skin fresh and soft. Your skin feels cleaner for longer after using it." -Caroline S.