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BLOOM takes away my rosacea

"I am so confident in my skin now that I use BLOOM. I have flare ups of rosacea and allergies and I used to get so embarrassed with my red face (which only made it worse!) IF I have flare ups, which is rare now, I know BLOOM will take care of it right away. I swear it's magic! My last couple of flare ups with both allergies and rosacea, I have gone to bed with redness and swollen eyes and have woken up looking almost 100%, making me able to go about my day to day life. I don't get the dry, flaky, Utah skin that everyone here has to live with. I can have moisturized and sun kissed skin all year round, even in the dry desert! My skin has never looked better. I feel extremely confident in my skin everyday." -

Ahren E.