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Big transition, big results

"My skin is so much less angry since using CRUDE! I had a breakdown (and horrible breakout) on my 30th birthday and decided I needed to try something different because my teenage habits were NOT working. Admittedly, it took me a bit of time to get comfortable with just using oil to cleanse my skin. I grew up in the era of Neutrogena and Biore pore strips and scrubs, where the more foaming, squeaky-clean action, the better. It was a bit of a transition, but within three months, I was hooked. I will never again use soap on my skin. My face is smoother, less red, much more consistent - not too dry or too oily, and when I do get a breakout, it's minor and heals quickly. I recently added BLOOM to my routine, and looove it. I have a few scars from surgery and the BLOOM oil is doing wonders to help them fade. It's also a great last step in my night routine and combats winter redness on my face. I'm a big fan!" -Aubrey W.