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NOW HIRING: Paid Media Consultant

Since 2014, CRUDE has helped thousands of people around the world bring their skin into homeostasis with our flora-friendly products. We're launching a full rebrand in March 2021 and we're looking for a paid media consultant to help us share the soap-free love through paid social ads and PPC. 

Our goal is to acquire new customers through top of the funnel activities, and then optimize conversion through bottom of the funnel strategies. We are seeking a partner to help us optimize and leverage our Paid channels with a hyper-focus on driving awareness at the top of funnel and followed through conversion.

  • Paid Social - Create paid campaigns that help CRUDE gain awareness at top of funnel and then zero in on them to drive more conversions.  
  • PPC - Leverage content mapping and content strategy to provide pay-per click campaigns, using keyword analysis and constant testing and improvement to ensure CRUDE gets more results and more revenue. 

If you are an expert in these areas we’d love to hear from you about your strategy and why you think you would be the perfect partner for CRUDE. Please email your resume or link to your website/portfolio to and tell us about your favorite or highest performing campaign and what you loved about it. 

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