Here at CRUDE, we get a lot of questions from expectant or breastfeeding mothers wondering whether or not the CRUDE Oil-Cleansing system is safe for them to use. We're always happy to let them know that Denise went out of her way to ensure that none of CRUDE's ingredients are known to be harmful for pregnant or breastfeeding women! Each of our products is handmade with love and only the purest, plant-based ingredients to keep you and your baby healthy and safe.

Our very own mommy-to-be Sabrina has been using CRUDE for two years now, and has continued to love her skin with CRUDE throughout her pregnancy. Check out her tips and routine below!


“I started using BLOOM as soon as I found out I was pregnant to help prevent stretch marks. I love rubbing a couple drops on my breasts and belly right out of the shower or bath. I also add a few drops of BLOOM into my bath so my whole body can feel the effects, plus the smell is intoxicating. Another great use is to apply a couple drops in my hands after my yoga practice, breathe it in, then rub on my belly. It is a great way to connect with baby, and I find after all that skin stretching to be a great time to apply BLOOM.”

“I’ve heard of hormones from pregnancy causing acne or skin problems but stuck with my CRUDE Oil-Cleansing System from the get go and have not experienced any “pregnancy skin”. I cleanse with EVERYTHING Oil and remove with a PULL Cloth morning and night. Due to my skin being especially dry during the winter months I moisturize with SCRUFF after every cleanse and only use DETOX once a week. I am so grateful to CRUDE for keeping my glowing skin reliable during this ever-changing time of my life!”


But you don't just have to take Sabrina's word for it! Plenty of expectant moms love CRUDE, and here's what they have to say:

"When I was late in pregnancy with my second babe, I developed pretty bad (although common) cracked nipples. I tried a few different natural remedies and nothing really helped. Put a few drops of Bloom on and the next day they were healed! 🙌" -@stephdorius

"I used it the whole time that I was pregnant and it kept my skin healthy and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl. :)" -@catrina2749

The bottom line is this: Your skin is your largest organ, absorbing much of what you apply topically into the bloodstream. Made with ethically sourced, plant-based, certified organic ingredients, CRUDE helps you love your skin without compromising your health, your baby's health, or the health of our beautiful planet. 


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