Limited Edition Detergent-Free Gift Kit

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Hairstory + CRUDE = head-to-toe suds-less cleansing

Simplify your cleansing routine with two beauty besties

Hairstory and CRUDE are the wonder twins for your head-to-toe cleansing regimen. Our combined detergent-free powers deliver soft, healthy hair and calm, smooth skin while simplifying your entire routine. Fans of CRUDE’s multi-use products will love Hairstory’s NEW WASH, which works as a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and hair repair all-in-one.

Soaps and detergents strip your body’s natural oils and wash them down the drain, leaving behind inflamed skin and brittle hair. While lots of skincare and haircare companies are happy to sell you more products to make up for the damage their scrubs and shampoos have done, CRUDE and Hairstory have been developed to address the problem before it starts. We protect your body’s natural moisture barrier and set the scene for your body to care for itself.

This exclusive kit is only available through the end of the year and makes a great gift for anyone on your list — moms, brothers, roommates… or treat yourself to a refreshing approach to skin- and haircare.

The Limited Edition Detergent-Free Gift Kit includes: 

8 oz. WASH: CRUDE’s soapless, detergent-free body wash + lotion double-threat ($25)

1 oz. CLEANSE ($20 value): CRUDE’s oil cleanser + makeup remover + moisturizer all in one 

6-Pack PULL ($40 value): CRUDE’s next-level cleansing cloth ($25)

8 oz. NEW WASH from Hairstory ($40 value): quit shampoo, skip conditioner, and unlock your hair’s innate beauty

TOTAL: $90 ($20 savings)

All Gift Kit orders before November 17 will receive a free mini-WASH, perfect for holiday travel

How to Use
WASH Rinse with water alone then use 2 or 3 pumps to cleanse your pits, bits, and any other areas that need extra cleansing, moisturizing, or healing. (Go easy no need to use it all over.) Rinse well, dry off, and use a pump or two as a moisturizer if needed.
CLEANSE + PULL Massage a quarter-sized amount into the skin to cleanse. Use a warm, damp PULL cloth to remove the cleanser, makeup, and other irritants. Add a few drops afterward to moisturize as needed.
Hairstory’s NEW WASH Wet your hair. Coat all of your hair with NEW WASH (like conditioner). Massage scalp vigorously with fingertips. Do your shower routine (see WASH directions above). Rinse well, using your hands like squeegees.