CAREERS - Junior Copywriter

Junior Copywriter

Brooklyn, NY

We are a female-founded, female-run soon-to-be empire that’s changing the paradigm of beauty and self care. Fah real. We’re looking for a full time junior copywriter superstar to create magic with our small and growing team. If you are an agency word witch whose vibes are being killed by fluorescent lights on the daily, this gig might be for you. If you find yourself meditating in your cube thinking “there’s got to be more to this Tuesday afternoon life” on. 



  • Work in lockstep with Creative Director of Copy to evolve, shape and further badassify our brand voice across mediums.

  • Write lots of things lots of different ways (think A/B testing, marketing emails, social media captions, digital ads, product copy, press-worthy headlines, website copy, occasional poetry…)

  • Research self care and science stuffs as well as competition stuffs.

  • Organizational thinking meets creative writing.

  • Campaign concepting and execution.

  • Not working in a typical office setting (it’s the future, people).

  • Consistently align with founder, creative directors, design, strategy and operations to get the right words off the pages and into the world efficiently.

  • Spark new ideas that take the brand to the next level of awesomeness.



  • Personal integrity.

  • 1-2 years of writing experience at an ad agency or other creative studio.

  • A can-f*cking-do attitude and a flexible, open mind.

  • Team-oriented communication skills.

  • Efficient, proactive follow-uppyness.

  • Takes direction exceptionally well.

  • Excellent writing and editing skills from a macro (big idea) and micro (product details) perspective.

  • An intuitive knowing about what needs to be done and the drive to get it there.

  • A bold and playful tonal sensibility.

  • An allergy to boring marketing speak and stuff that sounds same-same.

  • Experience writing for a single brand across multiple customer touchpoints.

  • An insatiable curiosity for the truth.

  • Experience writing for integrated campaigns and digital mediums.

  • A deep desire to do meaningful work and tell only unique stories.

  • Emotional intelligence.  

  • Knowledge about how to authentically connect with the GenZ audience.

  • Cultural awareness of what the kids are into these days.

  • Social media prowess.

  • Experience working with a designer to bring ideas to life.



  • Manifesting powers.

  • Bachelor’s degree.

  • Experience with startups or startup vibes.

  • Your friends make you write texts for them all the time because you’re the best at it and sometimes it’s annoying but also you love it.

  • Cat people. Just kidding (kinda).

  • No previous experience writing for big beauty brands (otherwise we’ll have to use our Men In Black thingie to make you forget everything you learned).

  • A general distaste for convention.

  • Knows how to take a brand voice and run with it like the wind

  • A desire to learn from and be trained by top creatives.  


Email at with a fun subject line that will make us laugh.

  • Introduce yourself. Tell us why this role speaks to you and what you uniquely bring to the table.

  • Include your resume, writing samples and/or your website. If you do not have writing samples or a website, please do not apply as we are looking for a writer with some experience.

  • Tell us about your favorite thing you’ve ever written and why it’s your fave.  

  • Include 3 human references who are not your mom. Let us know know who these references are in relation to you. Bosses and former managers preferred.

  • Include your 3 favorite Instagram accounts to follow and why.

  • Include your available start date.

If all of the above are not in your email, we will lovingly take that as a sign from the cosmos that we are #notmeanttobe