Realization: my fresh flower addiction is not very sustainable. And that's a real bummer, because coming home to a bouquet is about as good as it gets for someone too non-committal for a puppy.  But there is a solution even for the frostiest, most cheapskate of hearts, and that is to treat yourself to some low-light, low-care houseplants.

If you live in an apartment with less than ideal light, fret not. There are several options that will be just peachy without direct rays, and in fact many that do better in partial shade.

For my selection, I chose three different babies that will thrive in my basement living situation--a pilea, a polka dot plant and a jade plant. I also chose to upcycle a few items from my home to use as planters. I used a large coffee mug and two planters that held my tomato plants from earlier this year. You could also use mason jars, light bulbs, dresser drawers - just about anything you could dream up would work.

Pilea plant

All of these plants will keep up their bright colors, so long as you water them and give them minimum light exposure. They'd do well in a windowsill if you have one available. If not, you could give them a couple hours outside every few days--just be careful you don't frost them!

Polka dot plant

I have to say, I've had my plants for about a week and it's amazing how much they contribute to my daily happiness. I'm fairly convinced they enjoy my record selections and appreciate the smells of my baking- the tiniest, most supportive friends. Keep them away from your pets as much as possible and you're all set to get through the remaining cold months.

Jade plant

xx Kia and the CRUDE Team


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