The CRUDE Facial

It’s time to rethink our skincare protocols.

Your skin works full-time to heal and regenerate itself, and the best thing we can do to help it is to get out of the way. Using exclusively plant-based ingredients and zero synthetic chemicals, our products “leave no trace”, doing their job to gently clean, moisturize, and nourish the skin without wreaking havoc on its inherent ecosystems.

This facial was designed to heal and nourish the skin, repair its natural moisture barrier, and support homeostasis of its microbiome. Most clients notice an immediate improvement in the health and texture of their skin. No machinery necessary, this simple yet effective protocol should only take about 45 minutes.


Full CRUDE Line
• Bowl of warm water
• Small bowl + spoon to mix DETOX (Get our fave set here.)
• Calming essential oil


          Step one: AROMATHERAPY

          Use a warm towel to gently steam and wet the face. As the towel sits, apply 3 drops of essential oil to your hands, rub them together, and ask your client to take three deep breaths as you hold your hands above their face. Remove the towel. 

          Step two: CLEANSE

          Cleanse the skin and decollete thoroughly with enough CLEANSE to spread around easily. Have a bowl of warm water handy to help with spreading, and use long, flowing motions to gently massage and cleanse the skin and remove makeup.

          Step three: PULL

          Heat 1-2 PULL Cloths with warm water, and use to gently steam the face and remove the oil using gentle, circular motions.

          Step three: DETOX

          Mix DETOX in a small bowl and apply to the face and decollete. As the mask dries, use your favorite massage oil perform a hand and arm massage on the client. 

          Step four: PULL

          Wet two PULL Cloths with warm water and press them gently in to the skin to wet the mask. Use the PULL to remove the DETOX. Wet an extra cloth to assist removal if necessary.

          Step five: MASSAGE

          Use a CRUDE serum to perform your facial massage (GLOW for dry skin, BLOOM for regeneration). A detoxifying pressure-point massage works great for this! Apply a few drops of BLOOM under the eyes and over the lips to finish. 

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