The Oil-Cleansing Method may be at the heart of CRUDE, but our team is the soul of the operation. We all know that without each other, things would descend into anarchy pretty quickly. Which is why we'd like to spread a little love and appreciation and help you get to know the faces, hearts, and minds of the guys and gals who do what it takes to get our products from the CRUDE basecamp to you. 

First up: Sabrina Brian. Sabrina and Denise go way back to BC (Before CRUDE) and, like so many others, CRUDE ended up changing Sabrina's skin for the better. If CRUDE were a machine, Sabrina would be the nuts and bolts. She holds everything together in ways that the rest of us don't even fully realize. AND on top of that, she's pregnant with her first child. She's a Wonder Woman if ever we've met one. 

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. We'll let her tell it to you in her own words.


Q: What do you do at CRUDE? 

I manage daily operations.

Q: How did you first hear about CRUDE? What sparked your interest? 

After struggling with severe acne for 10+ years and trying everything I could get my hands on (including Accutane), I was immediately intrigued by a Facebook post Denise made when she was in the very early stages of creating CRUDE. I was willing to try anything and oil cleansing was one thing I had never tried.

Q: Tell us about your “Before CRUDE” skin vs your "After Crude" skin? 

My "Before CRUDE" skin was a dry, sad place that was always a constant worry for me. I was never able to feel comfortable with my skin and besides the self consciousness, it was painful. I was constantly battling the daily zits that would pop up and my skin regimen was time consuming yet barely cutting it.

My "After CRUDE" skin is a solid foundation that I can count on. I don't wake up worrying how many zits cropped up in the middle of the night, and I know what to expect when I look in the mirror. It makes my heart jump for joy. My regimen is ridiculously short and so very enjoyable and rewarding. I no longer have ANYTHING to pick at!

My disappearing acne scars are worn with pride, because I know and rest assured that my battle with acne is forever gone. Unless you have had acne, you will never understand that it truly is a battle; a battle I would have never expected the victory would all be owed to something organic, natural, side effect free and made by someone who truly cares. Thank you CRUDE!!!

Q: What’s your favorite product and why?

Everything Oil was the only product I started with in the very early days before CRUDE even had a name and it's one I could never live without. I owe my care free skin to Everything Oil and it has a very special place in my heart. 

Q: What’s the #1 thing you would want someone who’s thinking about trying CRUDE to know?

If you have seen or read Fight Club, you know that soap starts out with lye -- the substance that burned poor Edward Norton's character's hand. We don't have to wear safety goggles, masks and chemical resistant gloves to make CRUDE products.

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