Sometimes good things just get better.

Happy 2016, oil cleansers! We're thrilled to announce some exciting developments with our PULL Cloths—just in time for the new year.  

First: If you’ve been following CRUDE on Instagram, you’ll know that we brought up the idea of a darker PULL cloth to offer with our oil cleansing system a couple times this year. You all responded to very enthusiastically, and we're so excited that it’s finally here! 

When we threw out the idea of a darker cloth, we got many different responses. Just over half of you said you'd love a darker PULL Cloth, and @corrinstagrams was the first to suggest gray (great idea, @corrinstagrams!).

"My mom and I were just talking about how hard it is to get mascara stains out! What about a stony gray?" -@corrinstagram

"My girlfriend doesn't know where her phone is and is demanding that I let you know that two nights ago she said she wished you made your PULL Cloths in the reverse colors because she hates staining them." -@greenlanternmosaic

The rest of you remained white PULL purists...

"White! I like seeing all the makeup come off...and knowing when it's gone." -@abbielynnj

"White! I want to see that crap coming off my skin!" -@seaside_sauvage

...and we've decided to offer both!

Goodbye makeup stains, hello Gray PULL Cloth!

The gray cloths will greatly minimize any unsightly makeup stains you might get from your oil cleansing routine, and we'll still have the white available if you prefer to see PULL doing it's job (Our Oil-Cleansing Starter Kits will still include white PULL). As always, make sure you wash your PULL Cloths after every use! For more on PULL Cloth care, check out this blog post.  

But wait! That't not all. Not only are we launching darker cloths, we're now also offering larger, more economical PULL packs (in both white and gray) in sizes of 3, 6, and 12! Save money and time (more PULL= less laundry) and never worry about running out again. Here's our new PULL pricing: 

  • 3 pack- $15 ($5/pc) 
  • 6 pack- $25 ($4.17/pc)
  • 12 pack- $45 ($3.75/pc)

We had an excellent 2015 here at CRUDE, and we've got a lot more exciting developments coming in the new year. Thanks for helping us grow and evolve, and share our passion for effective, sustainable, holistic skin care with the world!

As a New Year's 'Thank You,' all orders over $45 get a free 3-pack of gray PULL Cloths 1/1/16 through 1/3/16. Just leave a note for the CRUDE elves in the "additional information" section at checkout letting them know you want the cloths. 

Thanks for being the greatest customers ever! Let's all make 2016 the best year yet.

-The CRUDE Crew

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