Words and images by CRUDE Ambassador and guest contributor, Sarah Heibein. @sarah.heibein

Hello lovelies. I’m Sarah, one of the CRUDE Ambassadors. Truly, I’m so incredibly happy to be part of this amazing family.  Any opportunity to expand my community with like-minded individuals who embody wellness, holistic living, and self-love is absolutely a gift.

After relocating from Calgary, AB to Portland, OR last year (we’re back home in Canada now!) I found myself in a new space both mentally and physically. A very good friend of mine suggested I read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron as a way to delve deeper into my ongoing desire to connect with my spirituality and to reawaken my creativity. It is a 12-week course that involves writing daily pages, taking yourself on a weekly Artist Date, and various other activities and exercises to remove creative blocks and dampen your inner censor.

I started the course on a nondescript, typical rainy day in PDX. As I read, I found myself underlining more words and phrases than not! Seemingly, everything was resonating! This was a collection of words that leapt off the page and struck a chord. I started writing my daily pages and found the whole process exceptionally enjoyable. And then… one day I missed doing the pages. Then a few days later, I missed two in a row... 

Somehow, the absence of a regimented schedule is the worst thing for me, as I always put things off for another time. A better time. Well guess what? Time is so short, so valuable…and, there’s no time like the present. Like, actually no time like the present. Luckily, even if you get distracted for a period of time and miss writing your pages, you can always jump back into the course. 

Vocalizing something in order to feel accountable to it helps keep me on track – so here I sit writing this blog post that will be sent out into cyberspace.  I will be checking in here on the blog periodically to share my journey as I re-enter and navigate this course. It is my hope that I will gain confidence in my efforts to opening up to my creative self and to silence my inner critic. At the ready are a fresh new notebook, a great pen, and my favorite photo strips to use as bookmarks.

One thing I should add is please do not shy away from the course if in your mind, you feel you aren’t an artist or a creative person. There is a tremendous potential for anyone to become more productive and open in their daily lives. Allow for the possibility of finding new and exciting things about yourself and ways to #liveCRUDE, whatever that may mean to you.

If you’d like to share any experiences you have had with “The Artist’s Way”, please write in the comments below or find me on Instagram (@sarah.heibein).  I’d love to connect and see where the path of self-discovery has taken you.

Trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favor.

XO, Sarah

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