CRUDE is built on love: for skin, self, community and planet. We believe that in order to show love to others, we must first love ourselves. Because of that, we've gathered up some of our wellness favorites to share with and hopefully inspire you!

Team Favorites

-The CRUDE team was introduced to York Athletics recently and we are all in love. We’re crazy about The Henry, they’re really comfortable and very sleek. Perfect for workouts or even to run errands in (we especially love that there isn’t a huge logo on the side.) Insider tip: Even when you own York’s you might find yourself unmotivated some days… If so head on over to the York Instagram for inspiration from some serious and seriously phenomenal athletes.

-Mamachari Kombucha, this is a local favorite and we just can’t get enough! We may have discussed ordering a keg of this to have on tap in the office more than a handful of times.

Jackie: I love food! Good food. Food that is responsibly sourced, organic and non GMO. So when I find a snack that fits this criteria I'm ecstatic! A new favorite wellness product of mine that is healthy, organic, yummy and full of good fat, arePhilosophie Superfood Coconut Butters. These butters taste delicious spooned directly into your mouth, on toast, on pancakes or in smoothies. They are truly amazing. And the founder Sophie has plenty of ideas of how to use them on her YouTube channel!

Denise: A lot of my favorite wellness go-to’s are part of my morning routine. I like to start my day with tea, my favorites are Rishi Turmeric Ginger, matcha, sencha, and yerba mate.

As I sip, I write my morning pages, a concept I was introduced to in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. After getting all of my thoughts down I plan my day and then I like to practice Ashtanga Yoga, with my David Swenson Practice Book for reference. I love Ashtanga because it’s the same series of poses every time, which allows you to track your progress. If I don’t have time to do the full 90 minute practice, it’s easy to modify or shorten it to suit your capabilities.

Chantelle: Throughout my days I like to use different scents to wake me up, calm me down, get me through. OLO Fragrances makes my go to perfume, Palo Santo, woodsy but lingers sweetly and it’s not too heavy. It’s a yummy scent to wear to meetings, going with friends, traveling, anywhere. One of my favorite ways to wind down from an action packed day is with tea. Vanilla Comoro from Harney & Sons is a Decaffeinated Vanilla Tea that is light and sweet and the perfect, easy way to treat yourself before bed.

Sabrina: I love Amazing Grass SuperFood, Chocolate Infusion is my fave! They’re crammed with alkaline foods and I literally never get sick when I have a daily dose of this. And recentlyCopal Incense was given to me as a gift and I instantly fell in love. It has changed my yoga practice and helps me focus, breathe, and center.

Check out one, a few or all of these wellness favorites from a few of our CRUDE Babes to you!

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