Have you ever looked up centerpieces online before? A quick Google search produces images that are shocking to any reasonably minded human’s system. Bright pastels, poofs of fake flowers, disorienting amounts of fake gold. Especially around springtime, they often appear to me as if an Easter Bunny puked all over a table.

Here at CRUDE, we believe in living simply and sustainably and I’m standing by these principles in this post. Creating a minimal, beautiful decoration for your kitchen or coffee table can be easy and sustainable- no trip to the craft store even needed.

All you need:

  • Lemons (I used 3)
  • Flowers
  • Small cups or jars

    To create your centerpiece, simply slice a lemon in half and place in cup or jar. You can make adjustments to ensure that it sits well inside of the cup by slicing off the bottom so that it has a flat surface. I didn’t need to for mine, but it will depend on what container you use.

    Next, cut your flowers to the height you’d like them to be and stab the stem into the center of the lemon.

    That’s all there is to it, folks!

    You’ll have a fragrant, adorable piece that will go with any decor you already have in place. I had fun walking around my backyard and neighborhood scavenging for flowers and used small serving bowls I already had, so this project cost me less than $3 total. If you wanted slightly more longevity, you could use fake flowers. The lemons will become crusty after four or five days but I kept mine around for about a week with no problems.

    Happy foraging!
    Xoxo Kia & The Crude Team

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